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Abdelrahman's Story 

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Abdelrahman joined Prime Rock as a petroleum engineering subject-matter expert in November 2016 and helped start the minerals business from the ground up. He built an overseas team of petroleum engineers, software engineers, and data scientists who developed a state‐of‐the‐art platform to conduct and automate the due diligence process. This data-driven modeling and analytics platform allows Prime Rock to make better investment decisions and deliver superior risk-adjusted returns.



As a VP of Petroleum Engineering, Abdelrahman and his team evaluated over $10B+ oil and gas investment opportunities from 2019-2022, primarily in the Permian Basin, and Mid-Continent regions. Abdelrahman’s current focus at Prime Rock has been towards new technologies implementation in the Eastern Hemisphere and the Middle East region, land management, financial modeling, and fund performance. Abdelrahman holds a Bachelor of Science with honors and a Master of Science degree in Petroleum Engineering from Suez University, Egypt. Abdelrahman enjoys an early morning run and reading before heading to the office. In his spare time, he enjoys riding horses and playing piano.

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