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Energy Overview

Prime Rock leverages its network and platform to invest in energy, including mineral rights, production, and technologies.

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We Buy Mineral Rights

Request an Offer

Our Buying Process

Step 1

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Where is your interest located?

– Send us the State, County, Legal description, and your last 3 months of check stubs.

Step 3



– We will schedule a consultation to discuss our best offer. If acceptable to you, we will agree to move forward.

Step 2


Let us crunch the numbers on:

– Current production

– Future production

– All future possible royalties

Step 4



– After verifying your ownership, we can pay you by check or wire by the next business day.

Where We Buy

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are my mineral rights worth?

To value your mineral rights, we will look at the total reserves and total recoverable oil. Then we will dig in on estimated royalty income over the lifetime of future wells to give you the best offer possible.

What if the operator isn't paying me for the minerals I own?

We have found that for many different reasons, the amount an operator is paying you can be different from what you actually own. Our land and legal team will review over a century of county records to determine what you own and pay you off that, not off what an operator determines. You will then have the right to collect unpaid royalties.

What type of royalties does Prime Rock buy?

We purchase fee simple mineral rights as well as overriding royalty interests.

What if I am not sure about what mineral rights I own?

Our land and legal team examine country records to determine everything you own.

If I agree to sell my mineral rights to you, how soon until I get paid?

From agreement to check in hand, we have closed in as little as 24 hours. Most deals that come across our plate take an average of 2 weeks.

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